About Us


The story of the Gordian Knot is that as Alexander the Great came through Asia Minor, he came to the city of Gordian. In the city square, there was a large knot that had been raveled for decades. An oracle prophesied that whoever untied the knot would be the man who would go on to conquer the world.  Upon coming to the knot and hearing the prophesy, Alexander stood in front of the knot in silence for some time. Then, without warning, he took out his sword and sliced it in half in one motion. He went on to conquer the known world in his brief 32 years. Since then, the Slicing the Gordian Knot has become synonymous with finding creative and direct solutions to old problems. 

Our president, Rob Buffington, started out as a small business owner in the United States. He recognized that running a small business in the US is getting more and more complicated every day. It’s not enough to be honest and be good at your trade. There are countless hoops that business owners need to jump through, most of which we’re not even told about until we’ve already been penalized for missing them. Gordian Financial was founded to help businesses take control of their finances and achieve peace of mind.    

Maintaining the accuracy and relevancy of the bookkeeping is vital to the bottom line and profitability of your business. Gordian Financial offers a myriad of services to support you in managing the financial bottom line and protecting you from federal or state violations when it comes to maintaining your business.

We will virtually support your business, utilizing tools that are cloud-based and paperless. We will never actually touch your money; we simply help you manage it and account for it.

We offer the following services to support your business: