Preparing Your Books for Year-End

As the holidays roll around, your focus most likely isn’t on the financial health of your business. Instead, you are directing your attention to enjoying


Tax Deadlines to Watch Out For

For many business owners, there isn’t just one tax deadline they have to keep in mind. In fact, there are dates spread throughout the year

Business Structure

Strategies for Growing Your Business

Most successful businesses began with a plan and a strategy to implement that plan. Your business is likely no different. Although starting a business is


How to Improve Your Profitability

Everyone wants to turn that business they started in the back bedroom into a well-known enterprise, but how do you get there? In addition to

Business Structure

Scalability Options for Small Businesses

Ramping up marketing, expanding product lines, building brand image, bringing on more help, and reviewing market feedback are five ways that small business owners are able to scale their business without draining their bank accounts.


What to Look for in a Bookkeeper

Every business needs a bookkeeper, so it’s no surprise that 62% of small businesses currently have an in-house bookkeeper. What about the other 38%? Many


What Areas Can a Consultant Help With?

There are many components that go into running a successful business, including strong operations, adequate human resources, and growing financial health. Each of these three


How to Properly Manage Cash Flow

Cash flow management is an area that many business owners don’t fully understand with 61% of small businesses listing it as a major challenge they