Gordian Financial has a passion for charity. Every dollar we make, a portion goes to charity and a portion goes back to our employees in the form of profit sharing. Other than payroll and insurance, the largest line item on our budget is charity. As such, we want to provide the resources to help Non-Profits succeed.

Maintaining non-profit status can be a complex financial experience. Instead of worrying about making sure you are compliant with all financial requirements for your non-profit charitable organization, Gordian Financial can take care of that for you. We are the experts and are familiar with the requirements and needs of non-profit organizations.

We ensure that non-profits have clean books maintained by a neutral 3rd party. Gordian Financial will facilitate transparency for donors and supporters as well as ensure that your non-profit is never at risk for losing its 501(c)3 status. Having an outside firm handling your books can assist with fundraising as transparency is a large issue for many donors.

Because budgets are tight, We provide discounts to non-profit organizations. Contact Us today to discuss your options. We also offer free consulting sessions to review your books and advise you on ways you can streamline your organization. Efficiency is not just for for profit businesses. Charities have a responsibility to run well and get the help they need to best use the money that’s been entrusted to them.

Our Commitment:
Here at Gordian Financial, we have committed a certain percentage of our company’s profits to be donated to charity each year. At the beginning of each year, we review our budget for the coming year, ensuring that we are giving more to charity than last year and that the % of our budget that goes to charity as part of the total budget increases as well. Our owners have also made a commitment that they will never take home more from the business than is given to charitable organizations that we partner with.